The “Moroccan Association of Prevention Bucco Dental” is a non-profit organization, created in March, 1990. THE AMPBD is for social purpose working at the improvement of the oral (dental) health in Morocco. It organizes national campaigns of prevention, screening of oral dental diseases and care with charitable title.

THE AMPBD is established:

  • Of a national office situated in Casablanca.
  • Of six committees
  • Of 20 offices (desks) of sections distributed in the main Moroccan cities.
  • Of 10 cities and regions sympathizers.

Actions of the AMPBD:

  • Tour of Morocco.
  • the first and second phase of the Project Brush day and night formerly called "3L (Live, Learn, Laugh).
  • Celebration of the World Day of the Oral Health.
  • Organization of national and international Congresses.
  • Organization of awareness-raising activities and Carnivals in schools, sports clubs, summer camps ...

Doctors Dentists


Prosthetists and dental assistants


Plenary Conferences


Practices workshops