The first edition of the Regional Congress of the International Dental Federation, organized by Morocco, is a crossroads of meeting of the professionals and the African scientists and those from the whole world. It plans to welcome more than 1500 congress participants representatives of the various authorities and the international and regional structures of the IDF (FDI).

The main activities scheduled within the framework of the congress consist of the organization of more than 30 conferences debates, 25 scientific workshops, 04 Round Tables and more than 100 free communications, 120 posted communications livened up by speakers of international fame. It is indeed a question of:

  • Group the African and international skills around questions concerning the oral pathologies the most frequently met in the continent.
  • Exchange the expertises in the field of the oral dental prevention at the Child and teenager.
  • Share the expertises regarding promotion of a good oral health for the good being at the old population
  • Approach the last technological and scientific breakthroughs for a realistic and objective dental practice based on the proofs and respecting the ethics and the equity
  • Discuss problems hindering the development of the Oral health, in the African continent.
  • Offer a platform for the meetings for the promotion of the strategy for Africa piloted by the International Dental Federation and which concerns the training in leadership of the leaders of the member African associations of the IDF.
  • Draft declarations concerning the oral dental health in Africa.

Doctors Dentists


Prosthetists and dental assistants


Plenary Conferences


Practices workshops