The Regional Congress of the International Dental Federation is organized in partnership with the various public structures, the professional body, ONG national and international as well as the private sector, namely:

  • State Partners: Ministry of Health in Morocco, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cooperation, Ministry of the Tourism, Ministry of the Crafts and Social affairs, Faculties of Dental Medicine, Wilaya of Marrakesh - Safi, the Marrakesh regional council - Safi and Marrakesh City Council,
  • Professional body: the National Council of the Doctors Dentists of Morocco, the South Regional council of the Doctors Dentists; the North Regional council of the Doctors Dentists.

  • ONG : international Dental Federation, the Moroccan Association of the Dental Professionals ….

  • Private sector: foundations, Associations and Scientific Companies, Banks, Pharmaceutical laboratories, industrial Companies of the materials and the dental products.

Doctors Dentists


Prosthetists and dental assistants


Plenary Conferences


Practices workshops